Valentines Day is celebrated every 14th February, and is known worldwide as the day when all lovers can revel in each other’s company, and strengthen and reaffirm their commitment to each other through the giving and receiving of gifts.

Choosing the right Valentines Day gifts for your significant other is essential to convey the right message of love and appreciation. We live busy lives, and often we don’t have the opportunity or time to say all the things we would like to say to our partners, or show how we really feel about them. On Valentine’s Day, take the time to reveal the depths of your love to someone special, and give them a truly meaningful gift.

If you are looking for exciting Valentines Day gifts ideas, you should think about the things that mean the most to your loved one. What do they enjoy, and what are their tastes? Most importantly of all, Valentines Day gifts should never be something rushed or random, they should always be a token from the heart, revealing a part of yourself to your loved one.

Valentine’s Day Symbols and Tokens

valentines day with loved oneThere are many symbols and tokens associated with St Valentine’s Day which have originated over centuries of celebrating the festival. In different countries around the world, there are different traditions and customs, however many of the themes of the day remain the same and are found wherever in the globe the occasion is celebrated.

Lace has been considered to be a symbol of Valentine’s Day since the medieval period, when a knight would wear the handkerchief or scarf belonging to his lady when he went into battle as a token from his love. Interestingly, the original meaning of the word “lace” means to tie or snare, and it may be said that many a woman has “snared” a man into marriage by dropping her lace handkerchief into his path!

Love knots are an old-fashioned sign associated with Valentine’s Day, and are made from interlocking loops which appear to have no start and no end, like endless and undying love. They may be fashioned from ribbon or drawn on paper and given to a lover as a sign of adoration. Today, love knots are sometimes found on jewelry.

Doves are often represented in Valentine’s Day cards and gifts because they mate for life, like a loving couple. They are therefore regarded as a sign of fidelity and loyalty in a relationship.

The heart is the iconic symbol of Valentine’s Day as from ancient times, it was believed that the heart was the center of all bodily emotions including love, while the letter “x” to represent a kiss originates from days when writing was a rare skill and people would make a cross as the sign of their name. To indicate sincerity, the signatory would kiss the cross that they had made, and so the two ideas became intertwined.

Traditional Valentines Day Gifts Ideas

As Valentine’s Day is a traditional festival, why not celebrate it with a traditional token of love for your beloved? A beautiful handmade card, perhaps with a romantic verse written inside is a lovely way to convey your true emotions to your love.

Best Valentine’s GiftsA customary bunch of flowers is another beautiful present for your loved one. Choosing his or her favorite blooms, or varieties in a preferred color is a romantic gesture that is sure to be appreciated. Spend some time researching the meanings of flowers and give a bouquet that spells out a secret message of love, or go for the safe option of a dozen red roses to impress your lover.

The single red rose is a long-standing symbol of true love, and what better way to reveal your affection than by giving this traditional love token to your partner? For a single red rose that will last longer than just a few days and represent the eternal nature of your esteem, why not opt for a stunning red glazed natural rose, lovingly hand-crafted by skilled experts into a unique and magnificent work of art?

Chocolates are another traditional Valentines Day gift idea, however there is no need to go for the standard store-bought varieties. A gourmet chocolate gift hamper, a shaped luxury bar, or even an unusual chocolate item like a candy topped pizza are all out of the ordinary choices that your partner will love. You could even invest in a chocolate tasting experience for your candy loving beloved, or a chocolate cookery class to help them discover new and exciting chocolate recipes.

Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Special Touch

A truly special way to mark the occasion of Valentine’s Day is to gift a personalized gift. The more thought and effort put into a gift, the more heartfelt it is, and the more individually it has been tailored to the recipient, the more it will be appreciated.

Personalized photo frames, jewelry boxes, cushions or vases are all wonderful ideas for your loved one’s home, while monogrammed jewelry or bathrobes are gorgeous personal gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime.