Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate our romantic relationships with our significant other. On February 14th lover’s give and receive a Valentine’s Day gift. Traditionally this is a day of celebration for florists everywhere, as anxious lovers the world over consider how many red roses to give to their sweetheart. Whether it is a dozen long-stemmed roses for her or a dozen guitar strings for him, gifts of love are more important on Valentine’s Day than almost any other day of the year. No one wants to receive that look that says: “You have got no idea who I am – and now I am not really sure who you are.” Here, we make sure that does not happen. Our tips will help you decide the best unique and creative romantic or practical Valentine’s Day gift your lover will adore.
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Romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for men and women

For many people, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show just how much you love your sweetheart. Here are a couple of ideas that can be used by both men and women.

Book a vacation

It can be a night in a hotel in town or a week long trip to the sun. You can keep this as a surprise, just telling your beloved to keep the dates free and anything special your beloved needs to pack, as you have something special you want to organise to mark Valentine’s Day. Take care of everything, book a taxi to the train station or airport, arrange childcare or care of your pets if they are not coming with you, as well as booking the holiday itself. Ask your hotel if they have any special packages you can add to your booking including champagne, flowers and chocolates.

Spa visit

Book a couples spa visit to her favourite spa. Book a couples massage or better still give them a massage yourself using an oil with an aroma to relax or arouse as you wish!

Romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for women


flowers bouquetA single red rose will say “I love you” and is the most romantic of Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife or girlfriend. Sending flowers with a creative touch, have them delivered to her workplace, the public display will show you are not shy to announce your love to the world. Have the flowers delivered to the reception desk and you can be sure everyone in the building will soon know who they are for and who from. For a really powerful effect, take the flowers to her office yourself in her lunch hour. You will not only win brownie points from your woman, but you will have her co-workers telling her how lucky she is to have such a romantic partner.

Spa day

Organise a pamper day for a facial and manicure with her best friend and take responsibility for childcare and all household responsibilities whilst she is away.


You may have noticed your sweetheart eyeing a piece of jewelry in a shop window or how her eyes lit up when she saw a friend’s new piece of jewelry. Surprise her with this piece, showing that you do listen to her and do make the effort to get her what she wants. If you are unsure, check the jewelry that she has in her collection. If she does not have a pendant, she is unlikely to start wearing one now. Another option is to consider a piece of jewelry that includes her birthstone.

Romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for men

Make it personal

Engrave a personal message, be creative with your message, use an inside joke or pen unique words of love onto an item that he can use daily, to have a regular reminder just how grateful you are to have him in your life. This could be a pen, a tankard, a golf-ball… whatever suits his style.


If he can buy you a gift from Victoria’s secrets, turn the tables and buy him some under garments too. Create a good home-cooked meal, serve his favorite drink and prepare for a romantic evening under the covers.

Practical Valentine’s Day gifts

amazing gift for himIf your lover is not a die-hard romantic who wishes for flowers and chocolate and may in fact view them as a thoughtless cliché, perhaps a practical gift would be a much better solution. Just because a gift is practical, it does not have to be unromantic. A new gym bag shows that you have noticed their current one is in need of replacing, an upgrade on the headphones they have had for years or something they have been wanting for a long time would make a great gift and shows that you have put some thought and effort into your gift choice. Finding the right practical gift is a matter of knowing what your partner wants or needs, but may not have had the time or inclination to get themselves. If you are stuck, write a love letter and enclose a gift card for their favorite store.