What do women want for Valentine’s Day?

That’s a question that has puzzled each men yet, but we can help. Most will know what they want, but they would like you to work it out for yourselves based on her taste in jewelry, what her hobbies are, and what she has been talking about wanting to do over, probably, a long period of time. Combine this knowledge with these gift ideas and you will know exactly what will suit as a Valentine’s Day gifts for women in your life. Valentine’s day gifts may be seen by many to be a gimmick, but most women would like the day to be marked in some way, especially true if they work with women who are likely to be flaunting their flower and gifts. This is a date where you do not have to purchase a high ticket price item, but you do have to show her that you lover her, care about her and support her. Here are some Valentine’s gifts for women that they actually do want:

An experiential gift

hearts and flowersAn experience gift can be more fun and is usually more memorable than a tangible gift. Make it all the more meaningful and memorable by joining her as she has a day at the races, goes hot air ballooning or has another adventure. If there is a road trip you have been postponing for a while, find the time to make it happen. She will appreciate the effort you have put into the preparations as much as your company on your week or weekend away. A lot of women have dropped their hobbies when care responsibilities of children or elderly relatives cuts into any free time they may once have had. Help you beloved reconnect with her old passions by booking a language, music, gym or art class to relight the flames of interest and offer to babysit or do her chores on the day she is attending class.

A heartfelt card

Sometimes it’s easy to become too comfortable with our partners and we forget to tell them how much and in what ways we admire, love and respect them. A card from the store does not come from the heart, but it does give you space to let your loved one know in your own words specifically what it is about them that makes them adorable, whether it is how they snuggle up to you when asleep, how much they love and care for your family, they way she laughs, her sense of humour, her kindness, her loyalty… have a brainstorm and choose the best examples, particularly those that you do not mention often enough. If this is something you rarely, if ever, do then the card will be even more meaningful. Make her feel loved and do not be afraid if it comes across a little corny.

gold matched set

Supplies for her hobbies

If your lady is an artist, visit her local supplier and ask for advice on what your lady might like to enhance her collection of work tools or materials. Otherwise buy a gift certificate so she can go and choose herself. This may sound unromantic, but tie her visit to the store with a romantic lunch or a visit to a local exhibition and it will be a romantic day of good memories. It also shows that you support her hobbies and are encouraging her to continue and be happy.


hearts and flowers 2Every woman likes a bit of pampering. If your home is a busy household, arrange a day trip to her favorite spa to be spoiled whilst you mind the children. She will appreciate the time to herself to relax. Even if you run her a bubble bath at home, light candles, pour her a glass of wine, play some music you know she loves or leave her with her favourite book and make sure the door is closed to all children and pets. If she asks for a back-rub, be free to oblige. Your music mix can be a gift she can listen to later on her work commute or at home, so choose songs that remind you of her or that you think she will enjoy.


One of the top selling items by retailers, make your choice dependent on your girlfriend or wife’s style. Do not choose the first generic piece of shiny Valentine’s Day jewelry that you see. If you have been dating just a short while, a small thoughtful gift like a bracelet is a good start. If you have been dating years, she may expect the whole jewelry set. Be sure to choose a gift that you know she will wear. Simple jewelry that she can wear everyday will make her think of you. Add additional meaning to your Valentine’s Day gift by personalising a necklace with initials or the date you first met or had your first date.