Valentine’s Day gifts for poker players can be kitsch items with card suit patterns attached. For those who are passionate about the game and love it almost as much as they love you, a set of poker print pyjamas or other clothing, or a card shaped set of cuff-links may not get the heart racing as much as the ideas we include below. Although you might consider spicing up the game with strip poker, seductively removing your clothes each time you lose! From Texas Hold ’em to Omaha, to Stud Games, to Razz, our list of the best Valentine’s Day poker player gifts will be sure to have them betting on you forever.

Automated poker table

If your beloved plays multi-table poker online, a game offline can seem very slow in comparison. Have friends round and play a fast game with an automated poker table. Promoted by big name professionals, automated poker tables eliminate the need for a dealer, cards and chips in favor of a computerized screen where you can see all the action, just like online poker. You can also see your own statistics and hand histories for instant analysis. This has to be one of the best poker player gifts.

Poker chips

poker chipsIf your lover’s current chip set looks like it’s in need of an upgrade a new set of 14 gram poker chips where the chips are numbered means that no one has to remember the amount assigned to any blank chip.


A great set of headphones is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for poker players as it will create the best online playing experience. Also great for when they want to listen to music you’re not so keen on. Your lover will be in awe of your consideration of their passion for their game.

Gold playing cards

gold playing cards for himThese cards look fantastic and will evoke admiration from competitors and shows you know your lover is a winner. A superb set of playable 24 karat gold-dipped poker cards made to exacting tournament-grade standards with intricate detail and exquisite craftsmanship. Used in casino high-roller rooms across the world the cards are presented in a quality cherry-wood case lined with dark green velvet. Whether used as a stylish display or for the next cards night, this valentine’s gift for poker players will show that you know they have impeccable taste.

An LED back-lit keyboard

When playing online, it’s very easy to type out 1000 instead of 100 on a keyboard. An LED back-lit keyboard is a sleek and stylish Valentine’s Day gift that can save a poker player a lot of money over time.

Gift certificate for a massage

A perfect Valentine’s Day gift for poker players who find the game quite stressful, a couples massage at your favourite spa will relieve stress and set you up for the rest of the day. Poker player gifts don’t have to cost money. Create your own coupon for a massage at home. Computer off. Lights dimmed. Mood music and their favourite oils. Perfect.

A seat to a major live poker event

It’s every poker players dream to play in a major live poker event. The world series of poker may be out of budget, but even as a spectator it’s a joy to watch others at any of the big events including the World Poker Tour, Asia Pacific Poker Tour, The World Series Of Poker Europe.

Computer monitor

Does your sweetheart have the best monitor for playing poker online? If they use a desktop computer, a dual monitor set up or an ultra-wide screen is ideal. Include a video card for compatibility. This will increase their enjoyment of multi-table poker online, and you may be in for a share of the spoils.

Poker table

poker tableIf your lover plays poker at home, consider a poker table that suits their style. A round table will take up less space than an oval if space is an issue. If the budget allows, choose a table where you eat dinner and can then flip it over ready to play poker. No one will ever guess it’s a poker table and it saves space.

A kindle

One of the best poker player gifts for those who love to take notes in books about poker playing, but find it difficult locating a specific note when they really want to, a kindle keeps all notes and highlights in one place. Additional bonuses are that eBooks are cheaper than physical books, are delivered instantly and don’t need storage space.

Poker movies

This might seem like a lazy way to spend Valentine’s night but it can be one of the most romantic as you can both indulge in your passion for the game by watching a selection of poker related movies whilst you share a bottle of champagne in front of a roaring fire. Choose from Rounders (1998); Maverick (1994); The Cincinnati Kid (1965) and Casino Royale (2006)