Valentine’s Day with the golf player you love is likely to see them out on the green, even if it is still winter. How romantic if you are golfing buddies on the day. Embrace their love of the game with one of our suggested golf player gifts they will be sure to enjoy. Valentine’s day gifts for golf players that link in with their love of the game range from all inclusive golf holidays to novelty gifts. Here are some ideas for the golfer in your life that are sure to bring as much joy as a double eagle.

Gold-dipped golf ball and tee set

golf ballAn unusual playable 24 karat gold-dipped golf ball and tee set will impress the competition and show your beloved that you see them as a winner. Surprisingly, the premium long-range golf balls retain exceptional playability, flying as long and as straight as the best existing balls. Both tee and golf are also durable. Of course, your darling may just place them on display where they can be shown off within their own black gift box.

All-in-One Golf Swing Trainer

If you want to buy a practical Valentine’s Day gift, a golf swing trainer can help your beloved ensure they set up their swing correctly, and helps to build core muscles for a better, more powerful swing, and even help sculpt swing path for more consistent shots. What better way to show your romantic love for your partner that supporting their passion for the game and helping them feel and look fit too.

GPS technology

For the golfer who likes to travel the world’s golf courses, wearable GPS technology is now available that can display the distances to the front, centre and back of any green from more than thirty-seven thousand international courses. Some can automatically detect what course its user is playing on and what hole they are currently navigating with the course data displayed on a large and bright LED screen which lasts 10 hours between charges.

Garmin Approach S6

golf ballsGarmin has a sports watch for just about everything, but for your beloved golf player the feature packed Garmin Approach S6 has built-in mapping for 38,000 international courses, will track the player’s swing and it give tips on improving. It also interacts with Garmin’s Connect for Golf platform that allows its user to analyse, share, and compare their round with others. Add on the Garmin TruSwing and advanced swing sensor that delivers measurement of metrics such as swing tempo, speed, club-path, club angles and more.

Golfing gloves

When your lover returns from a frosty early morning tee off, there’s no longer any need to suffer his cold hands if your Valentine gift is a pair of golfing gloves combining leather palms and a flexible weatherproof upper that creates warm hands that will help them enjoy the game even more when they are on the course or the driving range on cold days.

Golf and wine tour

Romantic Valentine’s day Gifts for golf players include tickets to golf courses around the world. Consider courses where top quality golf is also home to beautiful vineyards where you can go for tasting sessions after a round of golf. Travel to the South of France for a long weekend and enjoy the higher temperatures and the romance of staying in a luxury hotel with your lover. A longer trip in South Africa will really be a hot-spot for sun and luxury in February where you can have a swim, relax in a spa and walk around stunning vineyards. If you want something closer to home, book into a hotel with a spa, jacuzzi and masseuse that is close to your beloveds local course where you can enjoy the facilities together with the golf. If you want to make a grand statement of your love, book an all inclusive golf holiday anywhere in the world, including Spain, Turkey and Morocco.

Professional golf lesson

golferEvery golfer, whatever their level, can improve their game. Book a lesson with a professional golfer or an admired tutor at their local course. Alternatively, book and pay for a round of golf as a surprise for your golfer and their golf buddy too.

Novelty golf player gifts

Valentine’s day Gifts for golf players do not have to break the bank. Sometimes it is the little things that count. Go online and purchase a golf polo shirt from their favorite golf course. Some will allow you to personalise the shirt with embroidery of their name or words of your choice.
Golf player gifts do not always have to be totally dedicated to the game. A five-piece BBQ tool set in a black golf bag and golf grips is a novelty gift they will enjoy whilst flipping burgers. Perhaps some chocolate golf balls, an oversized animal head-cover, a crystal butterfly ball marker, a superman towel. Get creative and use your imagination for unique, unusual and totally personal Valentine’s Day gifts for golf players in your life.