It may seem as though the woman in your life has everything, but that is simply not true. A woman can never have too much jewelry, too many exciting or challenging experiences, or too many ways that show how much you love her. Use your imagination and get creative for your Valentine’s day gifts for your beloved. Here are some unique gift ideas that will get you started:

A Valentine’s day gift related to her interests

love picIf you have been listening to your sweetheart, prove it by presenting her with something that she has mentioned she would like. This could be a new book from her favorite author that is due for release or a new album from her favorite band. If the book or album is not available in time for Valentine’s day, send her a reservation for the day of release and perhaps tie this in with a book signing event so she can meet the author, or tickets to the band’s next gig to hear the new tunes live. If your beloved has a hobby that she is passionate about, see how you can add to her collection of materials to help her progress. Book her on a course with a professional in the field so she can hone her skills further, or just mix with people that really understand and share her passion.

Time away

Valentine’s day gifts for women are traditionally sentimental. Take your beloved on a vacation. This can be at the best hotel in your area for one night, or a trip to a place you know she has always wanted to visit, but has not yet made preparations to do so. If a night away from home is not possible, arrange a romantic day out to an area or place you both enjoy and add a lovely lunch at your favorite restaurant in your day. Link a day trip to one of her passions. If she loves animals, a trip to the zoo or an animal sanctuary where she can pet the animals. If she is smitten with a particular animal, sponsor this animal in her name. If you know she has a girls trip arranged, put together a vacation package full of sunscreen for her face and body, aloe vera, sun-protection lip gloss, a book to read on the beach, travel size toiletries, travel converter, flip flops, insect repellent and some small first aid things. She will appreciate you taking the time to support her trip and ticking off something on her ‘to do’ list for the holiday. If your lady loves perfume, take a class together where you can create a perfume that is unique to her and exactly what she is looking for. This is a truly customised gift for that special someone and may well leave her smelling of roses!

eternity rose gift for her

A case of her favorite drinks

A crate of one of your sweetheart’s favourite beers, a case of prosecco or a mixed box of her favorite drinks will be a gift she can share with you for a date night at home or when she has her girlfriends around. Include a set of glasses with her name or a short, sweet message. You can create your own logo using your initials for a very personal touch.

Fine Jewelry

love pic 2Jewelry doesn’t have to be a cliché. A pair of unique glamorous drop earrings hand-crafted from miniature genuine rose petals that are glazed and trimmed in purest gold is a perfect gift for a lady with impeccable taste and an item of luxury she can wear everyday as a reminder of your love for her. At the same time, you will be presenting her with roses in her favourite color which is the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for every woman.

Love notes

There are some things that money cannot buy, even if you believe your woman has everything she needs and wants. This Valentine’s Day, fill a jar with little notes to let your sweetheart know just how much you love her. This can be a simple “I love you” to notes to specify all the things you love about her, your gratitude for all the specific things she does that you admire and may not mention very often and the little mannerisms or behaviour that she has that make your heart sing.

Make it personal

If you have never baked a cake, surprise her with one now. Go online and watch videos to see how it is done or ask a friend who can cook to help out. If you are artistic yourself, create a great story about your beloved which includes things important in her life or build something unique that you know she will love and cherish whether a picture frame, a chair or a box to for the love-letters you will write to her over the years. Create a hamper with all her favorite items. These could be cosmetics or foods or drink. Include items that you know she loves, but finds difficult to source.