Whether you’ve got your act together and are making plans early, or left your husband or boyfriend’s Valentine gift until the last minute, it’s always a bit of a challenge finding something he’ll like. You don’t want it to be too cheesy, soppy or of little value. And by value we aren’t referring to pounds, dollars or euros. You want your beloved to swell with pride, and be aware of the feeling behind the gift, or gifts you’re giving. And you want him to find the gift ultimately useful. Because after all who hasn’t realised that men on the whole prefer to receive gifts that are practical.
You’re always going to find the gift search easier if you give yourself plenty of time, but we fully understand that this isn’t always possible. There are hundreds, possibly even thousands of things that can get in the way. If you start your planning a few months in advance, or at the latest when Christmas has been done and dusted, you’ll have lots of time to go shopping. If you’ve decided to go with the home-made option, then you’ll have heaps of time to get your unique gifts for him just right.
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Unusual and Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day is the day when you unleash your emotions, not be afraid to tell your husband or boyfriend exactly how you feel, and for you to spice up your relationship – all in the name of Cupid of course. Whether you’ve been in your relationship for 6 months, 6 or even 60 years, it’s important to keep the passion alive.

3 Unique Gifts for Men that’ll Blow His Mind

Why not make this Valentine’s Day truly memorable, one that he’ll never forget? Here’s 3 gift ideas that’ll soon have him hot under the collar.

Time to Unlock the Lingerie Drawer
Dust off your sexy lingerie, you know what we mean. That baby doll nightdress, or suspender set that was given to you as a wedding present by your mates, many moons ago. And if you haven’t got anything, it’s time you treated yourself to some sexy underwear, or night clothes, and ditched that onesie, or brushed cotton pyjamas, even if it’s only for one day. Don’t be afraid to reveal all you’ve got to offer, nobody’s got a picture perfect figure. Remember it’s you that he fell in love with, sexy curves and all. When he comes home from work, or you’re serving him breakfast in bed, make sure you’ve got something enticing to wear. Tie a pink ribbon in a bow around your waist, and it won’t be long before he’s ready to undo it.
Leave some feminine lingerie on his car seat
Keep him on tenterhooks all day, by leaving a pair of pretty undies on his car seat. You could also pop a pair in his laptop bag or briefcase, but he might get a bit of a surprise when it falls out on his boss’s desk. Especially if it comes with a “special” promissory love note.
Make Your Bedroom a Den of Love for the Night
Great big red hearts on the wall, candles and soft music, will be a great surprise for your husband after a hard day at work. Run him a bath and then offer to give him a massage with some sensual oils. You never know he might repay the gift with a massage of his own.

Unique Gifts for Men – When You Fancy Ditching Dinner and Candles

amazing gift for himIndoor picnic – spend the evening away from all those other star-crossed lovers, and a menu that is frankly over-priced and pretty mundane, by enjoying an indoor picnic, just you and your spouse. Buy yourselves a bit of fancy picnic paraphernalia, and don’t forget the bottle of champagne.
Try a spot of dancing – the salsa has taken on a new lease of life nowadays, so why not enrol yourselves in a couple of dance classes?
A spa day for two – let the worries of the world drift gently away while you and your partner relax on a spa day. Enjoy a massage for two, or one of the many other treatments available. You’ll head home feeling like you’re walking on air.
Take him bowling – enjoy being a little bit reckless for a few hours, and enjoy a bit of healthy competition. Throw away the healthy eating regime for a day, and pig out on junk food. To make the evening more interesting you might want to offer a special prize for the winner. But make sure you let him win of course.