So you think that buying a Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend is a piece of cake? Or are you already spending hours awake at night wondering and worrying about what you can buy? Choosing presents, for whatever occasion, isn’t the easiest of challenges. And if you’ve only known this certain person for a few short months well, many other ladies will agree, you’ve got a bit of a job on your hands. But let’s see if we can help, whether your boyfriend is a new addition, or is part of the furniture.
Valentine’s Day is traditionally the time for a man to give his lady an extra special gift. Boy spoiling girl, and not the other way around. But where’s the harm in showing your boyfriend how much you love him? Nothing really, as long as he’s not the sort of guy who hates sentiment and emotions. In which case you’ll be better off letting Valentines Day pass by. Just show him the special place he has in your heart in other ways, every other day of the year.

A Valentine’s Day Gift You Know He’ll Enjoy

Men on the whole tend to be rather low maintenance when it comes to buying them gifts. As long as it’s practical and useful, they’re pretty much easy to please. A tasty bottle of bourbon, a new gadget, pair of socks or new pair of denims, and he’s going to be really pleased. But some men have all the latest gadgets, gizmos, tools and clothes, so what can you buy for him that will stand out from the crowd?

Does he love watching TV?

Is he often glued to the box after a long day at work, or when you go calling, is he always busy watching his favorite series? Why not buy the man of your dreams a DVR player, so he can record all his favorite programs to watch when you’re not around.

Is he always on the go?

Give him a stylish bag that doubles up as a laptop bag, camera bag and general organiser. That way he’ll have everything he needs close and handy for those long journeys and nights away.
sport valentines day

Is he a sports fanatic?

A lot of men are, we have to say, and some of them can get real fanatical. What he wouldn’t give for a memento from his favorite team’s home stadium? Well believe it or not you actually can. We found a collection of infield dirt. Presented in a handcrafted wooden box, there’s a bit from all 30 ballparks in the big league.

You’ve only Known him a Few Short Weeks – Should You Buy Him a Valentines Gift?

If you’re new to the dating game with one particular guy, you might be feeling a little bewildered. Should you let the day pass without any fanfare, or should you go all out to find a great Valentine’s Day gift? February 14th can be a bit of a tricky day, if you’re not quite sure where your relationship is heading. It’s meant to be a day for bonding with the person you love most in the world, but you’re not 100% sure whether it’s him. You don’t want to be freaking him out, or he’ll likely run a mile in the other direction.
Here’s a few tips if you’ve just started dating.

  • Don’t ignore the day completely – don’t think that ignoring it is the right course of action. It might feel a little awkward, but ignoring it will just make it worse.
  • Time to take it to another level – if you’ve been dating a few months and are ready to up the anti, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity. Show him that you’re serious with a sterling gift.
  • Talk to him – there’s nothing wrong with bringing the subject of Valentine’s Day up in conversation. See if you can gauge how he feels about the day. Knowing is much better than assuming what he’s thinking.
  • Don’t do the whole surprise thing – if you’re not sure where the relationship is going, don’t be tempted to give him a surprise. If you’re both happy with celebrating the occasion, make sure you talk about it first.
  • Low key is best – with a new relationship it’s much better to keep your celebrating low-key, and don’t be going out and buying a really expensive gift. If you do this then you’ll be putting your boyfriend under great pressure.

We hope that this coming Valentine’s Day, you’ll both enjoy such a romantic occasion, whether you’re both happy rolling the carpet out, or you both decide to take it slow and easy.

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