It’s traditional for a guy to shower his girl with gifts on Valentine’s Day, but shouldn’t it work the other way round too? It’s a well known fact that the female of the species can be a little critical of their gifts, but men can be just as difficult to buy for. Men tend to be a lot less judgemental of their gifts, but that doesn’t make it any the easier. Valentine’s gift ideas for guys can be found all over the internet. The difficulty is adapting these ideas for the man in your life. We’re going to help by introducing just a few, and then it’s up to you to tailor them for your spouse..
The exchanging of gifts on Valentine’s Day is meant to symbolise the love that you share. Giving a gift on February 14th will reinforce your feelings for him, but where do you start?

Be His Mary Berry for the Day

Take the opportunity to bake up a storm this Valentine’s Day, and make him a cake. Put your baking skills to the test and bake him a cake using his favourite flavours. Try your hand at icing, with a heartfelt message across the top. If you don’t feel you’re quite up to the challenge of baking a cake, why not try your hand at biscuits or pastries? The great thing with these Valentine’s gift ideas for him is that you can do it on a budget. Making something yourself is always going to be an affordable option, and will be more appreciated too.
If you really haven’t got much baking prowess, why not assemble a hamper, full with his favourite treats? Find a suitable container, and fill it with colourful shredded paper. Then spend an hour or two scouring the speciality food shops on your High Street for tasty morsels such as cheeses, oils, cold meats, wine, chocolates, jams, crisps and other unusual titbits.

Top Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Him and Her

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Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

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Buy Him an Electronic Gadget

It’s a well known fact that men love their gadgets and electronic gizmos, so he’s bound to love the latest iPod or MP3 player for his car. But don’t make the mistake of spending too much money, or buying something that he’s not going to like. How about a phone charging wallet, or keyring with it’s own USB? There are also keyrings that can charge his phone, have an inbuilt torch and one that can even hide his cash.

Treat Him to a Night Out

Does he have a favourite band or musician? Is there an all time favourite local team he’d love to go and watch play? How about a local restaurant he’s always been dying to try, but never found the time or cash to taste their wares. Look at the evening from his point of view, and if you’ve chosen correctly it’ll be a night to remember. Who knows you might even want to tag along? The biggest feel good factor for you will be seeing the smile on his face.

Chocolates Aren’t Just for the Fairer Sex

When it comes to Valentine’s gifts for her, chocolates are usually a good fall back idea. But they are excellent Valentine’s day gift ideas for him too. It’s not just women who suffer with a sweet tooth, men can have the same affliction. Look for the finest box of chocolates you can find, preferably ones that he’ll like, and you could even look for heart shaped ones, if you think that won’t be too cheesy.

valentines gift for himFind a Present Relating to His Hobby

Does your boyfriend or husband love spending his weekends sat on the riverbank fishing? Is he a member of the local amateur football team, or perhaps he likes to paint? What about DIY? Is he always tinkering with odd jobs round the house? Buy him a present that he can use when pursuing one of his hobbies. You could always buy him the latest blockbusters on DVD, if he is a film buff, or the latest spy thriller if he’s an avid reader.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Men That are Humourous

When you’re searching for Valentine’s gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband, you want it to be a reminder of how you feel about him, and let him know the special place he holds in your heart. So what about showing your appreciation of his humorous side, by giving him a gift you know will make him laugh? Don’t opt for one of those naff, low quality, bad humour gifts that abound on the shelves, because it will just be a waste of money. What about a book of humorous anecdotes that he can read while sitting on the loo?

Is Your Boyfriend or Husband a bit of a Geek?

Does your boyfriend or husband have something that they’re really in to? Are they a big Transformers fan? Would they walk the earth for anything Star Wars related? Will they go down in history as an avid Trekkie? Shops are littered with geeky gifts. You can find some great geeky Valentine’s gift ideas for your husband online too. Only buy what you know he’ll like, or the gift will just be left in a drawer. If you’re not really sure what he’s into then don’t be afraid to ask.

Unique Valentine’s Gifts That’ll be Totally Awesome

However much you might dread the annual return of Valentine’s Day, it comes round yet again, and you’re left with the problem of finding the perfect gift. You’ve done the candlelight dinner, jetted off on a romantic weekend away, bought chocolates, flowers and all the other million and one bog standard gifts, and now you’ve found that you’re a bit stuck. Let’s give you a few more ideas that hopefully will bring a bit of a flutter, and rekindle the spark you once had.

Matching His and Hers, Because You Want to be Lovey Dovey Again

You love each other, so don’t be afraid to show it. Passers by might be a little jealous, or uncomfortable with your obvious show of affection, but stand proud and declare your love for each other as much as possible. Matching pillow cases, personalised towels, t-shirts that say he belongs to you and you belong to him, the list is endless. You can also get interlocking jewellery, mittens that you can still hold hands with, matching keyrings, and much more.

The Perfect Gifts for a Couple of Foodies

Do you both like nothing better than getting hot and sweaty in the kitchen, while cooking up a storm together? Did you know you can get matching his and hers aprons? There’s also cuddling salt and pepper shakers, and matching tea and coffee sets which make excellent Valentine gift ideas for a husband. Add some speciality coffee or tea and you can start your day together in a wonderful way. A coffee lover might also appreciate some coffee syrups, special coffee beans, pods for a machine, an endearing mug or espresso cup.

Enjoy a Creative Day

Now we’re on to some more unusual and creative ways to spend this special day. Start the day off with breakfast in bed, using your new mugs and cuddling salt and pepper shakers. Proudly deliver your box of homemade cookies, and then let him know that you’ve got something special planned. Whisk him away for the day, away from the pressures of work and family responsibilities and enjoy a day by the river, or at the top of a hill, with a well thought out picnic. Hopefully the weather won’t spoil your plans. After your day out, run him a relaxing bath and then sit down in front of the TV and watch a favourite movie. Cuddle up close and remind yourselves of those days you sat at the back of the cinema, cuddling in the dark.

Still Stumped for Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend or Husband? – Let’s Introduce Traditional

gift for him playing cardsIf all else fails, you can’t find the time to ask the right questions, can’t find something suitable or you really can’t be bothered with the whole rigmarole, let’s give you some of the best and most traditional Valentine’s gifts for him or for her.
You can’t go far wrong if you go with chocolates and candy. Pic and mix, branded, heart shaped, wrapped in red paper, pretty much anything sweet will fit the bill.
Flowers are obviously another safe bet, both for girls and for guys. Whether you choose a colourful bouquet, bunch of red roses, or a particularly unusual plant for the house. Alternatively why not consider a gift from Eternity Rose? Gold dipped rose blooms, gold trimmed jewellery sets, and for the guys gold dipped poker cards or a golf ball and tee.

Well we think that’s about it for our Valentine gift ideas for a boyfriend or husband, so now it’s all down to you to find that perfect gift. The ideas we’ve given are just to peek your interest, the final choice will depend on the likes, dislikes, interest and hobbies of your beloved better half.