Valentines Day is the perfect time to show your partner how much you truly love them. There is no better time of year to sum up all the devotion and appreciation that you don’t always have time to show your wife or girlfriend by giving them a fabulous and meaningful gift.

Sometimes, we take our partner for granted, or forget to say those three little words, “I love you”. Take the opportunity this Valentines Day to make up for all those times by choosing the right Valentines gifts for wife or girlfriend.

Your choice of gift can be classic or contemporary depending on the tastes of your loved one, there are no hard and fast rules about what to give, and here are some inspiring ideas to get you started when selecting the ideal gift to signify the depths of your affection.

The History Behind the Giving of Gifts on St Valentines Day

heart with valentine giftsThere are many suggestions for the origins of giving your loved one a special token on the occasion of St Valentine’s Day. One of the suggestions is that it has its origins in Ancient Rome, in the pagan Parentalia festival which celebrated a rite of passage for young men around the 14th of February. As part of the festivals, names of unmarried women were placed in a box and unmarried young men drew lots and the couple were considered to be partners for the coming year.

After Christianity started to take hold, the names of unmarried girls were replaced in the box by saints names, and the young men were supposed to emulate the life of the saint that they had drawn during the following year. As this was not an entirely satisfactory alternative to choosing a young woman’s name, the young men decided to send handwritten notes to girls that they liked.

In the medieval period in England, the names of young men and women would be drawn out of a box and the man would then wear his chosen partner’s name on his sleeve for a year, being sworn to protect her.

The name St Valentine’s Day was finally given to the occasion in 1537 when King Henry VIII declaring that the whole country should celebrate the 14th of February. Eventually, St Valentine became known as the lovers’ patron saint, and his special day became a time for exchanging love tokens.

What Are Some Traditional Valentines Gifts for Wife?

Traditionally, a husband would give his wife a beautiful token of his appreciation on Valentine’s Day. Chocolates and flowers have a long history as traditional Valentines gifts for a wife, with the single red rose being the ultimate symbol of romance.

Surprise your wife this Valentine’s Day with a single red rose. In history, art and literature, the single rose blossom has represented the timeless beauty of nature equated with the eternal beauty of a woman. For a red rose that will not fade and wither with time, why not give your wife the gift of the exquisite red glazed Eternity Rose, opulently trimmed with 24 karat gold and presented in a stylish display case, ready for her to keep in pride of place for a lifetime.

Alternatively, a stunning bouquet of a dozen roses is another traditional offering that your wife will love, and will brighten up her home and her heart.

Beautiful Valentines Jewelry for Your Wife

One of the most popular Valentine’s gifts for wife or girlfriend is a piece of beautiful jewelry. Not only are jewels always appreciated, but they also serve as a lasting reminder of the occasion, and whenever they are worn she will think of you.

Choose a piece to suit her taste, whether she prefers a pendant, a bracelet or earrings. Why not combine the elegance of jewelry with the beauty of a rose and give the gift of a chic real natural rose pendant, trimmed with gold and presented with an elegant link chain. This unique, handmade gift will mean the world to your wife, and will reflect your heartfelt sentiments.

Luxurious Valentines Gifts for Wife

If you really want to pull out all the stops to surprise your wife this Valentine’s Day, why not arrange a romantic getaway to an exotic destination. From a 5 star hotel to a dream cruise, there is no better way to impress your special lady.

If your budget cannot accommodate such an extravagant gift, a romantic spa day for two, or an intimate meal for two in a high class restaurant is a less expensive but loving gift.

purple matched set

Low-Cost Valentine’s Gifts for Your Wife

If you are facing financial constraints and are worried about how you can afford to surprise your wife with a romantic gift on the 14th February, there is no need to worry. Sometimes, the best gifts cost nothing at all.

Write your spouse a love poem or love letter and leave it where she can find it on Valentine’s Day morning, and her heart will be touched when she reads your heartfelt words of devotion. Sometimes, the best things in life really are free!