Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day when you show your partner how much you care. Between a man and a woman, either boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife. Nowadays however, it seems that Valentine’s gifts are being given to a wider range of people, and those in different kinds of relationships. Teachers, aunts, grandmothers, mothers, sisters and friends are all looking forward to sending and receiving unique Valentine’s gifts. But when it comes to giving Valentine’s gifts for someone who isn’t your lover, where do you start? Flowers, chocolates and dinner on you, are probably the most common Valentine’s gifts for all kinds of women, but you might want to give a special lady something a little bit different. So let’s take a look at a few unique ideas.

Unique Gifts for Her and All Those Special Ladies in Your Life

heart for valentineThe internet has opened up the gift giving experience, with gifts available from all over the world. With that in mind the best gift to give a friend or relative for Valentine’s Day will be something she loves. A gift that will appeal to her tastes and interests, or something that will make her laugh and smile. Messages made from sweets, tasty personalised cupcakes, gift hampers, the options are endless.

  • Lip-smacking chocolates – for your bosom buddy, give her a box of chocolates shaped like lips. Available in plain and milk chocolate, seal your friendship with a chocolate kiss.
  • Mailorder Three Course Meal – shipped directly to her door, 3 courses of tasty food for your friend to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. Perfect for a long distance relationship, and if your Valentine is a bit of a foodie.
  • For Coffee and Tea Lovers – online stores have a wide range of unique and unusual beverages you can send as a Valentine’s gift. A suitable gift for him or for her. Teas infused with many different flavors and coffee, both ground and in bean form, from all the best coffee growing nations.
  • If Your Valentine Loves a Tipple – beers, wine, champagne and all other things alcoholic. Different varieties, flavors and even personalised with your Valentine’s name.

Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her You can Make Yourself

There’s more to giving a gift for Valentine’s Day than spending loads of money. A handmade gift is worth far more than dollars and cents. If finances are a little tight this year, consider making something yourself. There’s nothing better than giving the lady in your life something truly special. A gift that will be cherished because it will make them feel appreciated, just they do you everyday.

  • A CD of their favorite tunes – rummage through your own personal collection of favorite tunes and pick ones that show your true feelings. How much you love them would be a great place to start. Add a few of her favorite tunes as well, and maybe include a sweet message or love song you’ve written yourself. Add some drawings or decoration to the cover and you’re done.
  • Bake a cake – this is sure to go down a treat, especially if your beloved has a sweet tooth. Find the recipe for her favorite kind of cake and give it a go. Even if the end result is not worthy of being sold in a cake shop, the effort you’ve put in will be well received. Don’t forget to add lots of frosting, love hearts and a message written in icing.
  • A personalised calendar – there are a variety of gift sites that offer personalised calendars. Just find the right pictures and upload them ready to be turned into a unique gift. You can request that special anniversaries are highlighted to make this gift even more unique.
  • A scrapbook of memories – celebrate all those cherished moments you’ve spent together by including some kind of reminder in a scrapbook. You might have a few old tickets lying around that can be included, and you’re bound to have lots of happy photos. If you’ve got a favorite restaurant you frequent pop down and ask for one of their menus.
  • A homemade card – don’t rush down to the store and buy a ready made one, because homemade will come with added feeling. You can probably make one from items you’ve already got hanging around, so making one will also be much cheaper than buying one.

Unique gifts for women are easy to find, if you spend a bit of time thinking about what they love best. Personalising an item is a great way to make a gift different, but there are so many gifts to choose from that there’s little chance of you repeating a gift that’s already been given.