A Valentines jewelry gift has long been one of the most popular choices for lovers to exchange on the 14th February. There are lovely jewelry presents for both men and women to unwrap on this special occasion, and there are few better ways to show the depths of your love and appreciation than by presenting your loved one with a beautiful piece of jewelry to be worn and treasured for a lifetime as a memento of this event.

The History of Giving Jewelry for Valentines Day

happy valentines loveAlthough Valentine’s Day has a long history associated with the tradition of giving gifts and love tokens to the significant other in your life, the giving of jewelry is a relatively recent custom.

The earliest Valentines gifts were more likely to be handmade cards and poetry written by the lover themselves rather than a purchased present. As early as the medieval period, couples were exchanging notes and adhering to the chivalric custom of wearing their chosen lady’s name on their sleeve as a sign that they were their protector.

By the mid-18th century, the earliest Valentine’s cards were being sent, although in this era, they were simple lace and paper messages inscribed with love poetry. Factory produced cards began to be manufactured a century later and by 1913, the event had developed into a more commercialized occasion.

However, it wasn’t until the 1980s when the popularity of giving a Valentines jewelry gift really took off thanks to the involvement of the diamond industry. Popular advertising for jewelers across the country pointed out the significance of giving jewelry to your loved one on this special day, and a new custom was born. Over the last thirty years, the practice of giving a Valentines jewelry gift has become increasingly common, and now it is one of the most popular and well-received gifts that can be given to celebrate the love between a couple.

A Valentines Jewelry Gift for Her

purple matched setIf you are searching for the ideal Valentines jewelry gift for the special lady in your life, you should pay attention to her tastes and sense of style. If she rarely wears earrings, for example, it would be pointless to give her a new pair. If she has a particular color that she prefers, or a style that she likes, it makes sense to select something similar so that she will know that you know her well, and have put effort into choosing something perfectly to suit.

A gorgeous jewelry set is always a welcome gift, and selecting a beautiful pair of matching earrings and a pendant is a good way to give your lady a treasured memento of the day. The more unique the set, the better, and for a truly special set, why not opt for a handmade and individually crafted piece?

The Eternity Rose matching pendant and earrings gift set takes genuine miniature roses and coats them in a stunning glaze to preserve their beauty eternally. Each piece is trimmed with purest 24 karat gold and presented in a sleek velvet gift bag. The stylish earrings even feature radiant synthetic diamonds to reflect her own eternal beauty.

A Perfect Valentines Jewelry Gift for Him

amazing gift for himMen appreciate a Valentines jewelry gift too, although they can be a little more tricky to source. Most men will really love a pair of stylish cufflinks, perhaps engraved with their initials for an extra personal touch. A tie pin is another possibility that will add a touch of class to any formal outfit.

For the gentleman who prefers a more casual approach, there are lots of fun leather braided bracelets, chains or rings that will appeal to his sense of style. There are even exciting themed jewelry options such as army style dog tags or cufflinks that reflect characters from popular movies and TV shows that film fans will love.

Valentines Day Jewelry Gifts for Couples

For those who would like to give truly special gift to their partner on Valentine’s Day, there is always the option of a couples jewelry present. From matching rings to necklaces with half of the pendant for each of the pair, and stylish twinned chains, there are lots of options for those who want to cement the status of their relationship.

Wearing matching jewelry portrays a genuine message of love and affection, and also demonstrates a commitment between the couple that will be truly significant on this special day.

The Classic Valentines Jewelry Gift – the Engagement Ring

Valentines Jewelry Gift for Your Loved OneFor the man who is ready to seal his commitment to his love on St Valentine’s Day, the only Valentines jewelry gift that will really do the job is an engagement ring. Anyone who is selecting the perfect engagement ring for their partner should be sure to find something that suits her taste and, most importantly, that will fit her finger correctly. If you can, find another ring that she wears regularly to compare sizes, as some cultures say that altering an engagement ring is an unlucky omen.

There is no more romantic token than giving a Valentine’s jewelry gift to the love of your life. Every time your trinket is worn, you will be brought to mind, and the love with which you gave the gift will be remembered for a lifetime.