As Valentine’s Day approaches, you are probably wondering how to choose great Valentines gifts for girlfriend or special lady in your life. There is no more important time of year to demonstrate your love and appreciation for your loved one, so picking a present that will really mean something to the love of your life is the key to celebrating this key date in any couple’s calendar.

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to find the right romantic gift on Valentine’s day, the sentiment behind the gift is more important than the extravagance. Choosing an item that will signify your love and devotion is essential. No lady will be impressed with a last minute bunch of flowers grabbed from a service station on the way home. She wants to know that you have really taken time to think up a gift that is significant, memorable and heartfelt.

Luckily, there are lots of inspiring Valentines gifts for girlfriend or wife available. Take some time to consider her interests and tastes before making your final choice, and find something that will touch her heart.

Fun Valentine’s Day Facts

happy valentines dayValentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world by people from all different cultures. In fact, next to Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the seasonal event for which most greetings cards are sold during the year. Almost a billion cards are exchanged on February 14th every year! The majority of Valentine’s cards are currently bought by women, in fact a shocking 83% of them, so men really need to try a bit harder! Although romantic cards are traditional, in recent times there has been a shift towards humorous cards and those of a risque nature!

Although California produces 60% of roses in America, when couples buy each other roses on Valentine’s Day, they are most likely to be from South America! Around 110 million roses are bought as gifts on the three days around Valentine’s Day, with 73% of purchasers being men.

Traditionally, men spend more on their partner’s gift than women do at this time of year, with the average spend being $95, however there is also a significant proportion of people who buy a Valentine’s gift for their pet!

Traditional Colors Associated with Valentine’s Day

Anyone thinking of purchasing jewelry, underwear or flowers for their girlfriend on Valentine’s Day may be wondering which colors to choose. Usually, pink, red and white are three of the traditional colors linked with this special occasion. Pink is said to be chosen as St Valentine’s burial place was said to have pink almond trees blossoming around it. Red is the color of the heart, and is linked with warmth, love and passion. White, on the other hand, is associated with the purity and faith between two lovers.

Romantic Traditional Valentines Gifts for Girlfriend

If you are considering a traditional, romantic gift for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day, why not choose a classic piece of jewelry. A stunning bracelet, pendant or earrings set will serve as a long-lasting token of your affection and will call you to mind whenever it is worn. A unique, hand-crafted real natural rose pendant that has been glazed and trimmed with pure 24 karat gold and presented on a stylish link chain is a magnificent and artistic gift for any woman who loves the beauty of nature.

Alternatively, the classic symbol of the single red rose blossom represents true love and romance. Give your girlfriend an enduring form of this love token in the gold-trimmed glazed Eternity Rose. Available in a range of colors including traditional Valentine’s hues of red, pink and white, these hand-picked natural roses have been crafted by skilled experts into a unique work of art that can stand as a long-lasting and magnificent expression of your adoration.

Unusual Valentines Gifts for Girlfriend

exotic valentine giftFor the lady who prefers something a little more unusual or out of the ordinary, there is a huge range of exciting and exotic gifts to choose from.

Why not give the adventurous lady in your life the experience of an activity day such as paintballing, monster truck driving or a flying lesson? These once in a lifetime treats will create lasting memories that will never be forgotten and will truly demonstrate how well you know and love your partner.

A Name A Star gift box is a wonderful romantic present to the lady who already has everything, while a relaxing spa day for couples is a great treat that both of you can share and enjoy.

Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Chocolate is one of the classic Valentine’s gifts for girlfriend, wife or special lady. However there is no need to opt for the standard box of indulgent treats. Why not give the gift of a gourmet chocolate making class, or an unusual shaped chocolate gift, such as the unusual candy pizza, edible chocolate smartphone or chocolate recipe book so that she can conjure up her own delicious delights?

Whichever gift you choose for your girlfriend, you can be sure that as long as your gift is from the heart, she will truly appreciate whatever you offer, and your bond of love will only become stronger and more meaningful.